About us

Welcome to Landing In Japan, here you would find that we dedicate to show people the beauty of Japan and the uniqueness of Japan.

The lifestyle, culture, food, people…etc. All makes this country so attractive. This is why this website is built.

Our story

Jamie once became a backpacker and travel to different countries but after a while, she then finds out Japan is always the destination where she wants to be.

Whether is the history of culture, the lifestyle, the food, and the people, they all very much leave a deep impression in her memories.

Japanese animation is a big part of her childhood memory so that led her to discover more of Japan and made Japanese her second foreign language.

Jamie is always passionate about traveling, that is how Jamie and Aaron met each other and have family, but ever since she has been to Japan, she truly falls in love with this country. Therefore, Land In Japan was born and here we would like to share more insight into Japan.

What you can expect from Landing In Japan

If you are here now, you are mostly to be like us, wish to discover your journey in Japan, and that is why we are here.

No matter you are a solo traveler, food fanatic, backpacker, travel with family, culture explorer or luxury travel, there are always something that you wish to dig more and we would like to provide more in-depth information about that.

If you have not been to Japan yet, we highly recommend you take a deep look of our website and finds out what interests you the most and start from there.

The goal of Landing In Japan

Our purpose is to help people discover the beauty of Japan and give out advice that builds on our experiences.

Your journey should be unique and memorable, countries you have been to, every street you have walked through, people you have met, the food you have tried, they all supposed to be part of your special experience in your life.

Here at Land In Japan, we wish to find the most enjoyable travel style for you and most suitable for you, life is awesome and we believe that travel will make it even better.

Whenever you have any questions please feel free to contact us or leave us a message, we are here to share and to help.

All the best,

Jamie & Aaron

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