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Reasons to Go to Japan – 10 Ways to Treat Yourself.

Have you ever thought about what is the reason to pick that particular country that you are traveling to?

I always want to book my tickets to Japan whenever I have a chance to have my holiday, I used to wonder why? Am I not sick of it yet? What is the magic power that drags me into it?

It’s gotta be good reasons that make you do the same thing over and over again, I think I have mine for this one.

When I thought about going to Japan, there are always beautiful images in my mind. I enjoy walking on clean streets, everything is neat and tidy, people are so polite and anywhere I go the service is just incredible.

They have some of the most beautiful places in the world and even Japan is such a modern country but they tend to keep the traditional culture the best.

So here I am going to share and give you reasons to go to Japan.

1 | The best cherry blossoms scenery in spring

Cherry Blossoms is The Reason to Go to Japan

Cherry blossom ( Sakura桜 ) is a Japanese symbol and national flower.

It represents their national personalities “diligent, brave and wisdom” so as their samurai history.

Thus, spring is an important season in Japan, people celebrate the blossoms, gather under the Sakura, drink beers and eat sushi no matter how busy they are, that is the most important thing to every Japanese in a year, immerse themselves into the rain of cherry blossoms ( Sakura Fubuki, 桜吹雪 ).

Because of the importance of the meaning, all the cherry trees are well looked after, so no matter which region you are going you can always enjoy them.

2 | Fireworks festival is stunning

Fireworks in Japan

The original purpose of fireworks in Japan is to comfort those spirits that sacrificed and worship the water god, pray to protect people not taken away from diseases. Time goes by, the fireworks technology continues to develop, till today the fireworks become the essential activity and traditional culture in Japan.

Fireworks festival is held in many locations such as on the sea, along the riverside, at harbors or in the city, one of the beauty is people all wearing the traditional Yukata ( 浴衣 ) which is a light version of Wafuku ( 和服 ) to attend the festival.

You will also enjoy different food stands ( Yatai, 屋台 ) during the festival, this is a very unique atmosphere that you don’t want to miss.

3 | Autumn foliage turns back the clock

Autumn Foliage in Japan

In autumn many types of trees are getting ready to welcome the winter by change the color such as maple trees and ginkgo trees, different from cherry blossoms, the autumn foliage will start from the north down instead of south up.

Temples would be covered in red, yellow, orange colors, some places turn all golden like the o’clock has been turned back.

4 | See the most spectacular snow scene

To See Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama in Winter is One of My Reason to Go to Japan.

Two things that you must see when they covered in snow, I reckon they are two of the most spectacular snow scenes.

The first one is Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route ( 立山黒部アルペンルート ) where you can see a huge “snow wall”.

The other one would be the Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama ( 白川郷 五箇山 ) since all the houses in the village are gassho shaped, they bring you into a fairy tale dreamland when the village covered in snow.

5 | Where else would you try the most authentic Sashimi and Sushi?

Authentic Sashimi in Japan

Sushi and sashimi is a world iconic gourmet now, you can find it easily no matter where you are, but when we mention about eating them, where do you think is the most authentic place to be? The answer is obvious.

As an island country, Japan is formed of a group of more than 6800 islands surrounded by the ocean, the whole country pretty much lives on seafood, the fresh one. So, if you ask me where to find one of the best Sashimi? I would say go to Japan.

6 | You should try a luxury Kaiseiki cuisine at least once

Luxury Kaiseki Ryori That You Should Try in Japan

Originally in the old day, the house owner would prepare guests this cuisine in the tea ceremony, and it varies by season, a set of Kaiseki ryori usually starts from refresh appetizer then comes sashimi, yakimono, soup, rice…etc, around 12 different dishes and end up with fresh fruit.

The key feature of this cuisine is the presentation, a true gourmet with not only the taste but also a visual feast.

7 | To experience special train trip

One Reason to Go to Japan Is to Experience Steam Train Trip

Are you a big fan of the train? If you are just like me then Japan is a country for you.

The main reason I love train trip is not going to a certain destination, instead, I enjoy the journey of going to itself.

There are a variety of trains such modern, novel, retro that you can find in Japan, fast-moving streamlined to SL steam trains, railway companies put a lot of effort into the route design so that no matter which season you are going or which route you are taking you will always experience something new.

8 | Stay in a traditional Onsen Inn is a treat

Traditional Japanese Onsen Inn

Onsen ( 温泉 ) also known as Japanese hot spring, is the must-do thing in Japan. A nature bounty of the Japanese archipelago, no mention you can find it anywhere all over Japan but also there are many types of hot springs.

Stay in a traditional Japanese Inn ( Ryokan, 旅館 ) is not only to experience the hot spring, but also it is a really good way to get to know more about Japanese architecture.

Some Inns built around the natural bamboo forest or the lake, beautiful environment with natural hot spring, it is truly a treat!

9 | Probably the best service in the world

Japan Has The Best Service in The World and this is the reason to go to Japan

I have to admit that sometimes I am a quite fussy person when it comes to the service, but honestly, I have never disappointed with services in Japan, no matter where I go, train stations, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, they all seem to provide a service that is ahead thinking.

I am always surprised about their manner and how polite they are, they serve you as they truly welcome you and you know you are a real customer to them.

If you never been to Japan then when you go you would understand what I mean.

10 | One of the safest country in the world

Japan Is One of The Safest Countries in The World

The last one would give you a good reason to go to Japan. Because it is ranked one of the safest countries, Japan is a place that all types of traveler-friendly country, especially when you travel with kids or a solo traveler, safety might be your most concern.

There is nothing better than completely relax on the road when you travel.

So take advantage of this point and give yourself a good reason to pack for Japan!

Find your reasons, there is always more to take you back!

Everyone has a different purpose when it comes to travel, whether you want to challenge, explore or relaxing, we always find many reasons to convince ourselves to do so.

So, if you have never been to Japan, these reasons above can be yours too, if you’ve been to Japan before then find more! Also check out 9 things to know before going to Japan.

Nothing can stop us from traveling more!

If you would like to share your reason please do so! Please leave your comment below if you have any questions or ideas.

We are here to share and help!


  • James

    I absolutely love this post! 素晴らしい記事です!

    Thank you for sharing this, I’m learning Japanese and always want more reasons and motivation. I particularly like the fabulous reasons about the cuisine and nature of Japan. At the same time, staying at a Ryokan and getting to understand and experience Japanese customs and culture is a dream of mine.

    Keep up the awesome posts!

    • Jamie

      Hi James!


      Thank you for your message, learning Japanese is also another reason that I always want to go to Japan!
      You are right, Ryokan is an experience that I think we must have, immerse yourself in different culture and customs is like to have more eyes to see a different world!

      I’m glad that you enjoy the post and I’m sure your dream will come true!


  • Torgny Aukland

    I’m not really a very traveled guy, then again I’m only 23 years old.. but I do have a yearning to travel more. My father was a sailor for many years, every time he came home he always had the greatest tales of meeting many kinds of new people. He has met tribal warriors and warlords in the African continent, to some of the biggest port cities in the world, high standing people and people from the commonwealth the world around.

    Traveling always seems like something I would enjoy very much, meeting both the top in the country and the common folk, their stories, cuisine and seeing just how they love their country as I love mine.

    I learned many great things from this article and will definitely one day travel to Japan to see the sights, their nature just seems so tranquil and beautiful, untouched many places.

    Thank you for this great article! 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Jamie

      Hi Torgny,

      Thank you for your message!
      Your words are very touched to me, I am always a traveler even now I have my own family but I am still “wanderlust”,
      just like you say, the beauty of traveling is to know their stories. I enjoy meeting different people and getting to know about them,
      when I go to places I tend to understand more of the culture and customs, and I believe the more we see the more we open our mind.

      Hope you did enjoy this article!



  • Anne-Caroline

    Japan is surely one of the destinations I’d like to visit in my life. I’d love to see the cherry trees blossom! Japanese people are so polite and respectful. Its architecture is totally different from the one in Europe, it would be a total change of scenery. Let’s not forget the food experience too! Yes, it would be quite an adventure to visit Japan. Thank you for this article!

    • Jamie

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you for your message! and I’m sure you will enjoy your trip to Japan when you visit!
      It is very different than Europe, that is also the reason I love to travel to a different country to experience completely different culture, that is the way how I learn as well!

      Hope you did enjoy the article!


  • Joshua

    Really well put together, I love the images that you chose especially the cherry blossoms. I’ve always wanted to try their cuisine there, but nice content!

    • Jamie

      Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for your message!
      I’m glad that you enjoy the article and I’m sure you will like their cuisine once you try!



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